Williamson County Schools Comparison

WIlliamson county school

This is a picture of the newest Williamson county school in Spring Hill

Williamson County Schools were ranked number one in the country by schooldigger.com for the higher composite ACT score in the nation

I’ve combined the TCAP scores for each area of testing Math/Reading/Science/social studies, and created a spread sheet for easy comparison. By the way, the Tennessee department of education gives all of the Williamson county schools a grade of “A”.

You can visit the Tennessee Department of education for information on schools not in the list. http://edu.reportcard.state.tn.us/pls/apex/f?p=200:30:4088028706987393::NO:::

Elementary school and middle schools use tcap scores, high schools use act scores. These are from the 2012 school year. Click on the school to see homes zoned for that school.

Elementary schools

Rutland in Mt Juliet currently servicing Providence is 230

Williamson county schools average is 269

State average is 206

Davidson county average (Nashville) 172

As you can see, the scoring average for Williamson county elementary schools is much higher than the state average and fairly trounces Nashville schools. How big is the difference? If it were a report card grade it’s the difference between an “A” and a “D”.

If schools matter to you, decide that before you start looking for homes, your child’s future depends on it.

Here are the Williamson county middle school scores.

West Wilson Middle in Mt Juliet servicing Providence is 220

I don’t have averages by state and county for Middle Schools, but you can expect the same comparisons as the elementary schools

High schools are scored by the ACT tests here are the results for Williamson county schools

Wilson county high in Mt Juliet servicing Providence is 20.2

The average for Williamson county high schools is 23.1

The average for Davidson county (Nashville) is 18.4

The state average is 19.2

Rutherford county average 19.8

Wilson county average 19.9

Williamson County Schools average over 20 percent better test scores than their neighbors to the north in Davidson county, and 15 percent better than Rutherford county and Wilson county. Within Williamson county schools district, the two Brentwood high schools are another 10 percent better even than the Franklin and Spring Hill schools, and a full 30 percent better than Davidson county schools and 20 percent better than the state average. If you don’t think 20 percent matters, then don’t complain when your child gets an average score on their report card.

If you would like to send your child to the best schools in middle Tennessee, give me a call, or use my search buttons to find a home in Brentwood or Franklin.



  1. Hi Larry, This information is so valuable to those relocating to the area. The buyers that I was with today have done their school research and know where they want to be. That is imperative to alot of our buyers as well. Great list!

  2. This is such a great resource !

  3. Larry – Incredible information for Williamson County Schools.

  4. Jill Provino says:

    How do Nolensville school compare?

  5. Nolensville elementary school is on the list, but Nolensville doesn’t have a high school and almost all of the students are attending Ravenwood, which is the second best public high school in Middle Tennessee, right behind Brentwood.

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