Your Home’s Value



This tool compared recent sales of Nashville homes in your area as well as current listed home to give an average estimate of what your home would sell for in the current market. In order to get an exact estimate, it will take a trained professional, because some of the things that help or hurt the value of a home are not available on a tax record. A good example is that a home with 4 bedrooms on the main floor is usually worth more than a home with all the bedrooms on the second floor. IF the lot is challenged, it will also hurt the value of the home, but one with lots of privacy will help the resale value. Assessing the value of the home is not just price per square feet, it’s also livability and beauty. THis report will help from the science of numbers perspective. Nashville homes have been increasing in value for several years now, and most homes are close to or have surpassed the peak of 2008. Depending on the area you live in, and the condition of you Nashville home, most sellers are pleasantly surprised to find out how much equity they really have. Predictions of the future values are nothing but an educated guess based on history. But based on the growth of the population of the city, and the amount of jobs being created, I would expect the value of Nashville homes to continue to increase for several years, or until we have another recession.