Do You Want My Opinion

I hope  you want my opinion, because even though you may have purchased a home in the past, or maybe even several, I have a lot more experience at this. In fact, I probably look at more homes in a week than you will see in your life. You see it’s my job to make sure that customers get what they wanted if it’s possible.

Very frequently I advise not to buy a home because even though they really liked it on first glance, It’s had some not so obvious flaws that would have eventually become a major inconvenience.

If you don’t want my opinion, please let me know in the beginning.

I’ll do my best to not point out the green space that looks great now, is actually where the new power lines are soon to be erected. Or the driveway that’s too steep for some vehicles to manage without dragging. The constant noise of the interstate just one block over may not bother you, or the garage that’s too narrow to hold 2 full size cars, and having no pantry in your lovely kitchen may be of no concern. Did you notice that the secondary bedrooms were only 9 feet wide, or that the floors seemed to slope downhill, never mind that, surely it won’t get worse. I’ll do my best to keep it to myself.

If you allow me to do my job, I will help you find a home with very few problems (no home is perfect), that suits your needs and lifestyle. Some day you will need to sell the house, and since you bought one that’s attractive and well made, you will get top dollar for it. That’s when you will remind yourself why you hired me in the first place.

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