Williamson County Schools

Clovercroft elementaryWilliamson County Schools are again the top schools in Tennessee, and the top elementary schools in the Nashville area once again are in Brentwood and Franklin followed closely by Thompsons Station and Spring Hill schools. I compiled these numbers from Schooldigger.com.

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Elementary schools

Here are the Williamson county middle school scores.

West Wilson Middle in Mt Juliet servicing Providence is 105

Williamson county high schools

The best score of any non-magnet schools in Nashville was Hillwood with a score of 92. Ravenwood and Fred Page had an average test score that was more that double the best traditional school in Nashville.

Williamson County Schools have the top three traditional high schools in the state in Fred Page, Ravenwood, and Brentwood, as well as 6 of the top 10 (traditional means non-magnet). Without a doubt, the schools in Williamson count set a very high bar for the rest of the school systems in Tennessee, and some of them are getting better.

For instance, Mt Juliet high school posted a score of 157. placing them at 22nd in the state out of 294, including magnet schools. If you compared the school to non-magnet schools and Williamson county schools, they would have been in the top 10. It’s a really good school, it’s just difficult to compete with magnet schools that only take the best students.

In Murfreesboro the top high school scores were posted by Blackman high with a 137 average score, placing the school in the top 20% of all schools in Tennessee. Since Murfreesboro has a magnet school, some of the best students that would have attended Blackman may have gone to Central magnet school the number 3 school overall in the state.

Hendersoville has the top magnet school in Merrol Hyde, but Hendersonville high school has a respectable score at 134, which places it 57th in the state out of 294. and well above all the non-magnet schools in Nashville.

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